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Test post [November 9, 2010]

Let's see how this will look like, just in case I get an urge to update my LJ account using Sugichan or phone.

Jimi is leaving CPS...Collapse )

I hope he does well.

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Happy Singles Awareness Day [February 14, 2008]
[ mood | lonely ]

*Escaping from the uber-angsty entry at my Friendster blog*

He's got to be the bravest man in Malaysia Klang Valley.
The billboard is on the LDP, right beside Kelana Seafood Center. I almost couldn't believe it but after seeing it with my own two eyes after work...

pfffftt *clears all angst and loneliness from brewing again*

sigh. Here's to all the single ladies out there!

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x box [August 1, 2007]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

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anyone, anywhere, any time scream [July 7, 2007]
[ mood | drunk on Dongwan's luuurve ]

my hubby ;D but damn. this song sounds so very familiar. i swear the intro part started nagging me to remember.

and BOING! waitaminute. i can totally hear someone else's voice over Dongwan's o_O
of course.. it's Teru lah! this is that GLAY x Exile's 2006 collab (or was in 2005?).

tsktsk. trust Dongwan to include a (semi)Jrock tribute in his album.

so, tell me what you think? me thinks me likeys Teru's voice more, alas.. Dongwan is still me husband *winks*

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blood and tears seep into my skin [July 1, 2007]
[ mood | indescribable ]

i only managed to catch up on S.K.I.N. news this morning. after the Kingdom gath and family dinner yesterday, i was too tired to even check my email. i blame my tired-ness for the work Zee piled up on me and then the endless lewd jokes brought upon by Kingdom hamsapsters. anyhoo..

the fancams at YouTube are atrocious! i can't even hear the music. all i hear are fangirling and the same friggin song on everyone's vid. wtf. i should still thank them though for their kind-heartedness to break the law and provide us -pathetic people living in Asia- the footage.

four songs in just one hour? that's called a mini-concert, you twerp. not a full fledged concert. wtf.
and the vids and reports at skin_community are ****ing biased. guh.

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i don't have a life [June 25, 2007]
no. i really don't have a life.

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Venus! Love Me Chain! [June 20, 2007]
[ mood | shocked ]

please excuse the reference to Sailor Venus' power attack. i really loved watching Sailormoon : P


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wake up! [June 19, 2007]

4 bloggers I am Tagging:
(1) faricsyung
(2) kahel_luna
(3) Michele
(4) Noviar

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go on, humor me [June 12, 2007]
[ mood | PMS! ]

Here's something unusual. A 'Tag' game I am sentented to do - enforced by Michele and her Blogspot...

I'm a very choosy person right? I guess I'm punished to not find that special person yet. Anyway, honestly... who is gonna continue this huh? No one reads my blog anyway. Tch. I'll just force random people to write. xD nyahaha. I'll skip Hyung cos I know Farah will ask her. Next 5 persons I shall tag:

1. Fhizah. Pls tell me more about him.
2. JunE. heehee.. cos i want to know you better :D
3. juhjuh  .
another random victim!
4. katharotes   . you didn't see this coming rite? heheh. i love your writings~
5. JerRy <-- altho... she doesn't have a blog. How?

x-posted to Friendster.

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well hello there.. [June 8, 2007]
[ mood | crazy ]

*drools* SUGIZO looks so ass-lickin' good wielding a lightsaber in such a way that would put a Jedi Master to shame.

he's certainly loving being in SKIN and going back to good old rocking out passionately. what with the praises he's given in his latest Will to fellow SKIN members (note: particularly Meev. guh.), to the bands that performed for two nights at the fiesta (list of bands) and the humongous crowd of people from the East Coast that flocked to see their gig.

am dying for any sort of video or audio that might appease my curiosity of their music. just their sample (which is available on their individual official sites) only have gotten me all spazzy and orgasming. even reading his latest entry had me clutching my hands to my chest, holding my breath and then squeal or suddenly go downright HYSTERIA @_@

anyway, they've really got me pumped up now. so YOU should go check out the sample at any of their official sites: SUGIZO or Yoshiki or Gackt. i have no idea what Miyavi's is. in fact, let's ignore him for awhile. haha. so i'm biased. OR else, just search for any JRock comm. high chance is you're gonna hit gold either way.

{ edit } thanks juhjuh for Gakuto's Dears link ;D

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